Beautiful Music

Beautiful Music

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    Redefining the Adult Contemporary radio format, exploding the definition while simultaneously mashing together all the particular subsets that fall under the AC heading, including Soft AC, Hot AC, Rhythmic AC, Modern AC, and even Mainstream AC. If you're looking for classic feelgood rockers, you may find them here. If you're looking for raucous sessions of uplifting spiritual free jazz, you may find them here too.

    As part of this redefinition, this show is dedicated to amplifying the art of women, BIPOC, the LGBTQ+ community, and all marginalized communities, and will strive to showcase this powerful and vibrant art in a more equitable standing alongside the work of the white men who have enjoyed outsized privilege throughout the history of the music industry. As a white man who participates in that same industry, I pledge to further my education and understanding of the struggle that is endured by so many in this country and around the world, and to do work to alleviate that burden rather than add to it or stay silent. I anticipate that I will stumble in this work, and feedback is welcome and encouraged. Stay tuned for featured guest mixes and interviews, as I work to broaden the scope of voices and perspectives that you may find on this show. If you have already been enjoying the results of my obsessive infatuation with recorded music across genre/era/origin (and it's physical manifestation in records/cassettes/CDs/etc), rest assured that I haven't figured out how to stop yet. I am honored to be a part of this community-based non-profit radio station here in Portland, Oregon.

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    beach image borrowed from the cover of the amazing album Valhalla, by the musician Dennis Weise

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