Savage Beat


3:00pm, 4-4-2015
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  • 3:01pm Wolf Call by Lord Dent and his Invaders on Wolf Call (Norton)
  • 3:02pm Come On by Los Saicos on Demolicion ( )
  • 3:05pm Freddie & The Ravens by The Big Itch on The Big Itch v.1 (Mr Manicotti)
  • 3:06pm Pleasure Point by The Phantom Surfers on 18 Deadly Ones (Norton)
  • 3:11pm The Tracker by The Sir Douglas Quintet on ( )
  • 3:11pm Le Chien Fidéle by Peter Flami on Nevralgies Particulieres (Mauvaise Graine)
  • 3:16pm You Treated Me Bad by The Ju-Jus on Pebbles v.1 (BFD)
  • 3:19pm Hey Little Girl by The Shags on Don't Press Your Luck (Sundazed)
  • 3:22pm Keep Your Big Mouth Shut by Thee Headcoatees on Bo in Thee Garage (Get Hip)
  • 3:25pm Don't Pretend by Underdogs on ( )
  • 3:26pm The Banana by There She Goes Again on Aliens, Psychos and Wild Things (Norton)
  • 3:29pm Never Thought You'd Leave Me by Pleasure Seekers on Fridays at the Hideout (Norton)
  • 3:30pm Raks Dance by Raks on Waking Up Scheherazade (Ali Baba and his 40...Records)
  • 3:31pm Burned by Mushrooms on ( )
  • 3:33pm Bird '65 by The Trashmen on The Purple Knif ( )
  • 3:38pm My Woman by Woody Carr and the El Caminos on Shout! NW Killers v.2 (Norton)
  • 3:41pm Bat Macumba by Gilberto Gil on Tropicalia (Soul Jazz)
  • 3:43pm Je N'avais Qu'un Seul Mot A Lui Dire by Serge Gainsbourg on Les Annees Psychedeliques (LSD)
  • 3:47pm You Must Be A Witch by The Lollipop Shoppe on Pebbles 8 (BFG)
  • 3:49pm Wailin' by The Sonics on The Savage Young Sonics (Norton)
  • 3:52pm (My) Baby's Gone by The Sound Barrier on ( )
  • 3:54pm Go Away by The Plague on Pebbles 5 (BFD)
  • 3:56pm Heartbreak Hill by The Missing Links on Sixties Rebellion v1: The Garage (WAy Back)
  • 3:58pm ... And Then There Were Drums by Sandy Nelson on drums and more drums ( )
  • 3:58pm Crakin' Up by Famen on ( )
  • 4:04pm Bowie Man by The Wild Ones on Pebbles 6 (BFD)
  • 4:06pm Victim of Circumstances by Roy Junior on Back from the Grave 2 (Crypt)
  • 4:08pm California Sun '65 by The Rivieras on Pebbles 4 (BFD)
  • 4:11pm Things Aren't The Same by Noblemen on Monsters of the Midwest v2 (Cavern)
  • 4:12pm Cave Man Hop by Jerry Coulston on The Big Itch 3 (Mr Manicotti)
  • 4:15pm Look & See by Young Aristocracy on ( )
  • 4:15pm I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night by The Electric Prunes on ( )
  • 4:23pm For Your Love by The Yardbirds on ( )
  • 4:24pm I Heard You Say by Vivian Girls on Share the Joy (Polyvinyl)
  • 4:27pm High Heel Sneakers by The Mummies on Runnin on Empty v 2 (Estrus)
  • 4:29pm Speak to Me by Thee Headcoatees on Bozstick Haze (Damaged Goods)
  • 4:29pm Just Like A Dog by Thee Headcoatees on Bozstick Haze (Damaged Goods)
  • 4:33pm Dog Fight by Hitch-Hikers on Wolf Call (Norton)
  • 4:33pm Walk Don't Run by The Trashmen on Surfin' Bird (Beat Rocket)
  • 4:35pm Fried Chicken Baby by Slough Boys on Big Itch 2 (Mr Manicotti)
  • 4:37pm Hand Clappin' Time by Gino on Wolf Call (Norton)
  • 4:43pm Crankshaft Sid by Jimmy Knight on ( )
  • 4:47pm Huh by Jet City Five on Work It On Out! (NW Killers v 3)
  • 4:48pm I'm A Hog For You by Erkey Grant and the Eerwigs on Pebbles 6 (BFD)
  • 4:54pm Speak of the Devil by Jams on ( )
  • 4:54pm Skinnie Minnie by The Sonics on Boom (Norton)
  • 4:56pm No Good to Cry by The Wildweeds on Don't Press Your Luck (Sundazed)
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